August 25, 2011


If you have found my recipe for Eggplant Salsa then you will know how much we love salsa in our house. Today I found this bowl online that would fit perfectly in our family.

This bowl makes the art of scooping salsa onto your chip, effortless. No more fear of having the blob of salsa fall straight from your chip onto the table as you lift the chip to the edge of the bowl. Just think of the money you save right there.

August 23, 2011

Tip Junkie....Homemade Projects

I messed up big time on my first time at all this 'sharing'...but...Oh well.

Bloggers from all over are sharing their homemade projects. The one I shared is my Eggplant Salsa...but of course when it asked for 'Name'....I put MY NAME and not the name of the project. DUH!

August 21, 2011

Menu for a month

For the past number of years I have found that making a menu, and following it, makes my life so much easier and find it saves us money as well. I thought I'd share my latest monthly menu with you in hopes that someone might find it helpful.

Monthly Menu Blogger