November 18, 2008

Joys of parenting...

The house is lovely and quiet right now. It's not even 6am. It's my favourite time of the day. Sure I have a splitting headache but hopefully the medication will kick in anytime now.

Last night didn't go as planned. FHE was going to be one that I knew I wouldn't hear groans and complaints about. I just KNEW it. Everyone was going to be happy, participate AND enjoy it.

We have been asked to sing a couple of songs for a friend's work party this coming Saturday. We are NOT great singers (well maybe I speak for myself....I can NOT hit a correct note to save my life) but we did have fun singing at a couple of church activities. What we sang made people laugh and that was our aim.

So anyway...for FHE we were going to practice the songs. Cheers were heard all 'round. They were happy and I was once again 'RIGHT'....which by the way, I usually am.

So we practiced our song through once. PERFECT family harmony (not so much the singing but the getting along). We sang the song through again and yet again. FINE. Everything was going smoothly. " more time!" I got greedy.

We were facing towards a window and I could see one son, a recent teenager, acting foolish behind me. I informed him that he needed to stop what he was doing. He came to stand by me and we started our 'one last time' again.

That's when it began! He was standing between me and the other teenage male in the home. That was my first mistake. Their arms touched at one point and the "Don't touch my body!!!" drama began. Only it's worse as they get older and bigger. And it's at that point that the practicing of that song ended. One stormed off to his room and the other just refused to put any effort into anything else we might do.

We decided that my husband and I would practice our song, have a treat and call it DONE!

As we sang our song and did the actions our children were laughing (except for the one up in his room) and my husband cracked up too. This is a good sign.

Maybe after this performance the hole in the bucket will FINALLY be fixed.

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Jewel's Gems said...

Ha! I love it! sounds like some of our FHE moments:o)