December 31, 2009

Yummy Salad

Last night I was over at my mother's place for dinner. She has the incredible ability to throw things together and have it turn out delicious. Me? Well I don't have that ability. It might have skipped a generation.

Last night's dinner was certainly no exception. When I first arrive mum is still working in the kitchen so I offer to help her....I'm a good child. There's a bowl of sliced mangoes on the table (they have had a bumper crop of mangoes this year...YUMMO!!!).

Next thing I know mum is adding onion and celery to the mangoes!! My first thought was 'SACRILEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Which lead to me making a comment about it. I sucked it up and remembered that mango can be used with other things besides desserts or by itself.

Of course the salad was one of the most divine things I've ever eaten in my life!! There is no way I'd ever be able to afford to eat something like it at a restaurant because it would be in such a swank restaurant I couldn't afford the free bread!!!

So here's what mum threw in the salad.

6-7 mangoes diced
2 small onions, finely diced
2 stalks of celery, finely diced
red capsicum (bell pepper) and green capsicum (bell pepper), finely diced (was just whatever was leftovers in the fridge so it wasn't much.)
2 carrots, finely chopped
cheese cubes
Seedless grapes, halved
dressing was some of Paul Newman's Ranch dressing...and a little cream

Try'll like it I promise!!!!!!!!!!!

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