August 3, 2012

Born Brave {CD Review}

I have to admit that the name Katherine Nelson is new to me. I haven't heard anything of her prior to listening to this CD. I am super happy to introduce Katherine to my friends and readers now that I have heard her.

This CD is all about women. I have tried for years to get across to women that WE ARE INCREDIBLE!!! We are STRONG!! We are
BRAVE!! We are COMPASSIONATE!! I love the lyrics of the song 'Soldier Girl' on this album:

"....Still we march on through like thunder
As the battle bids us come

We go in the face of fear
Drawn swords and souls unfurled
We carry the hope of years
We are soldier girls"

And lyrics in the song 'Brave':

"I was raised to be brave
To stand up & stand out.......

....'Cause I was born to stand tall
I was born to face the wind
I was born to feel heartbreak and heal again...."

Sitting here listening to 'Good For Me' with tears in my eyes. Katherine GETS IT!!!!!!!!

"Here's to courageous women out there in shiny shoes and business suits
Good for you
But hats off to the women in the kitchen who run the world
Raising boys and girls
All the broken nails
Laundry to my knees
Every bed I make
Dishes in the sink
Oh life is sweet
In my little dream
So Good for me"

The music has a country feel but I think that those who may not be big fans of country music may still enjoy this album because of the soft rock and mellow tunes.

On Katherine's Blog there are stories of brave women. I think we all know brave women in our lives. Whether they're brave because they've fought in wars or got herself out of an abusive situation or fought cancer or dealing with depression...running marathons.....watching her child go through chemotherapy....the list goes on.

I love what Katherine has to say "Truth is, I want so desperately to take a super-sized glittering spotlight and shower it over every woman in the world with this music until they feel they are valued. Loved. Needed. Admired. Followed. Looked up to by their daughters and other growing young women in their lives. I want it to get into their veins and bones and heart and soul so they know they matter. They offer a kind of love that is uniquely theirs to give. It must be that I’ve seen too many women not come home at the end of the day. And I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve wanted to pull out of the driveway and not come back when truth may be too hard to face and too uncomfortable to talk through, even live through" 

THANK YOU Katherine!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for keeping it real and should we ever have the opportunity to meet I will be grateful to thank you in person. 

Listen to and purchase the CD here: Born Brave 

Introducing Katherine Nelson....

Post script...It turns out I HAVE known of Katherine before this. Katherine portrayed Emma Smith in the movie 'Emma Smith: My Story'.

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