September 9, 2008


What on earth is 'Hatchlings'?'s a mindless hobby of mine. I joined facebook awhile ago and discovered hatchlings there. It's an Egg hunt. The eggs are so purty and they hatch into all kinds of cute animals. I hunt for eggs to feed the animals that have already hatched ( now it sounds really stupid when I put it in black and white...I already told you it was 'mindless) and because I want to find the new eggs to see how pretty they are and what they hatch into. This is the reason for the 'basket' on my blog.

It reminds me of when my daughter was about 7 and she wanted a Tomagotchi. I was not buying her such a waste of money, item. I did however, find one at D.I. for about .25cents. ( I miss D.I. so much) She tried to take it to school the next day and I stopped her. She asked me if I would feed it and clean up after it while she was gone. I certainly would not! She then looked at her 'pet' and said "It's OK. You can stay with 'grandma' today and she will take care of you."

What was I supposed to do after THAT??? Of course I fed it and cleaned up after it everytime the silly thing made a noise.

So here I am with my own 'pets'. But it's different because mine have such PRETTY eggs.


CTR2002 said...

So funny you play that! I started it and NEVER found anything! Guess I'm not patient enough!

Thanks for the post!

Wendy said...



Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey there,

A reminder of your review of "The Santa Letters" due to appear on the 15th. Thanks again!