October 14, 2008

Catching up on things.......

My goodness...what a difference a month makes. There has been a lot going on in my life and my home. Too much to even put my head around let alone write about. Here are some of my favourite sayings that should give some indication of how I'm doing.

People say "this too shall pass" and I say...so does a KIDNEY STONE and that's about as much fun.

I've come to realize that the light at the end of the tunnel is a TRAIN!!!!

Life isn't passing me by it's trying to RUN ME OVER!!!

I try to take it one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

Feel free to use these quotes in your own life when things are piling up.

This past Sunday I was able to sit and watch General Conference with my family. Ohhhh what wonderful messages. There seemed to be a message of hope, hang in there, and you're not alone, throughout the talks. Messages we could all use I'm sure but just so you know, those talks were for ME. I think someone sent a memo to the brethren and asked them to please address all their talks to Wendy Cohen.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf: The Infinite Power of Hope

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin: Come What May and Love It

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland : The Ministry of Angels

President Thomas S. Monson : Finding Joy in the Journey

I think for the next few weeks I will listen to these talks again to remind me of the messages within. Deep breath in and on with the day!

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