July 21, 2010

Oh the places you'll go!

Have you ever read "Oh the places you'll go" by Dr Seuss? It's one of my favourite books to read to my friends when they're having a rough time of things. I'm such a sook that when I read it to them I always get choked up.

Well....right now I'm feeling very much like that character from the Flintstones who always had a cloud over him. His name was 'Schleprock'. So this morning as I'm in my 'woe is me' pitty party, I started thinking about what, if anything, I could do or say to a friend who was feeling as I am right now. One of the first things that came to mind was, I'd read them 'Oh the places you'll go'.

Unfortunately I can't get my copy out to read because it's packed away for a move we are supposed to be making (which is really the catalyst for the stupid cloud over my head I guess). I went in search on the internet to see what I could find and lo and behold I find the words to the story.

Here's a link to what I found:

"Oh! The places you'll go." 

If you don't own your own copy of this book then I would recommend you getting one to have on your own bookshelf. When you get it, read it out loud....or come see me and I'd love to read it to you.

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