July 7, 2008


G'day all, and welcome to my attempt at blogging.

Yesterday (Sunday 6th July, 2008) started out as any other Sunday. I LOVE Sunday's. Church starts at 1:30pm so it is the only morning in the week that there is nothing to get done early. I love to stay in my jammies as long as I can. It is my way of blowing a raspberry at the world of 'must dos'. Yesterday I got to do a wasgij with my two youngest sons, Aaron 12 and Christian 11.

A wasgij is jigsaw backwards. The picture that you're putting together is not the picture on the box but rather what the picture on the box would be facing. So you really have no clue what it is until you put it together. If you like a challenge or enjoy puzzles then you should find one and give it a try. They come in different sizes. I'm such a puzzle wuss so we only have the 250 piece AND I have to have helpers. If it can't be done in 30 mins then I'm not interested.

Come 12 I always start chasing kids to shower and get ready so we can leave at 1pm. Aaron and Christian were fooling around and had been told to stop their behaviour inside the house. Next thing I know Aaron is coming to me with his face signaling all is not well. He is holding his right hand with his left. I asked him "What have you done?" He told me that Christian, in their final 'battle' had just kicked his finger.

Aaron has a high tolerance of pain so when he complains then I pay attention. It was his hand that he had broken once before so we were cautious. I couldn't find the finger splint that we have used (ALOT) in the past....which is of course not surprising. So I grab a couple of popsicle/craft sticks and bandaids and splint his fingers. We have no slings that fit so I grab an apron becomes a DIY sling.

Rob takes the kids to church and then drives us to the children's hospital. I'm prepared for a 5 hour stay. I even pack a sandwich for AJ. Turns out that even though the waiting room was full and people were arriving in a steady flow, we only spent 2 hours there. Their x-ray machine simply stores the images digitally and the doctor views them on the screen at the doctor gathering area (I don't know what else to call it). What a great idea and what an incredible time saver. Gosh I love technology.

Anyway...it turns out it is not broken but rather a bad sprain. The doctor loved my splint and said even though it looks daggy it does the same job one of theirs would do. I asked if Aaron could have a non-daggy one.

When we got home we were met by the wonder smells of dinner. I threw dinner in the crockpot before we left so it was well and truly ready when we got home. All I had to do was cook some rice.

I am a crockpot NUT. If I can think of it early enough in the day I will throw dinner in the crockpot and be done with it. Last nights dinner was a recipe I found called "Dump it and run chicken'. Dump it and run was exactly what I did.

Dump it and run chicken

.....I have used tenderloins, whole chickens (kids are old enough to pick out or eat around the bones), and yesterday I used 4 chicken breasts. You can cut them up or dump 'em in whole.
Carrots...I used 1 per family member because we love carrots.
Onion (optional)
2 cans of Cream of mushroom soup
1 can of mushrooms
Salt and pepper (optional)

Dump it into the crockpot. Cook on low 7 hours or high for around 4 hours. If the chicken is cooked through then the dinner is DONE.

Serve over rice.

After dinner and dishes were done, we played a game of LIFE. When I say 'we' I don't include my 16yr old son who refuses to join in with us as a family. Heaven forbid that he actually enjoyed himself. He's a good kid just not into playing games.

We had some bananas that were a little overripe which can only mean one thing.....Rob/dad gets to make us banana shakes. YUMMO.

After shakes it's off to bed. What a wonderful Sabbath day.

PS: If I say anything that you don't understand because I may be using Aussie terms, just let me know and I'll 'translate'.

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