July 14, 2008

World's oldest Blogger dies

I open up the headlines today and find that the world's oldest blogger died. She was 108. When I read this a few things crossed my mind.

First was, "Good for her!!" How many people, young (OK youngish) and old, are too scared to even turn on a computer let alone BLOG.

I read where her grandson said that she was communicating with people from Russia and America. I thought about this incredible technology and how it has brought the world closer or even made it feel smaller.

I remember when I first moved to Utah and I would call my family back in Australia, there wasn't a call where one of my parents didn't say "This is so clear. You'd never know you were so far away", or something to that affect.

I also thought about the changes that have taken place in technology in my very short life (OK...OK...not so short anymore). I remember when they started advertising the fax machine. It was an incredible idea. I couldn't imagine how they could send a piece of paper to another part of the world within a few seconds. How incredible a fax machine was. My mind would never have wrapped around the thought of a COMPUTER in the home, accessing gobs of information within seconds. Or being able to communicate instantly with people on every continent in the form of 'chatting'. It still boggles the mind.

I was about 10 or 11 when we first got a phone. We had a great deal of instruction from mum as to how we were to answer the phone. When the phone would ring all us (the children) would RUN to be the one to answer the phone. It was such a novelty. After many months it was a different story. The phone would ring a few times and then someone would yell "Is someone going to get that?!"

I am so grateful to live in a day and age where such wonderful technology exists. I love having a computer and a dvd player. Goodness...I even enjoy our Wii.

My children have no clue what a 'walkman' and think that a 'record' belongs in the Guinness Book.

If you would like to read more about Olive, aka the world's oldest blogger, you can head to this site: World's Oldest Blogger Dies

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