July 21, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

Every Christmas morning, while living in Utah, the children would wake us up early to share the exciting things that Santa had brought. I decided that while they were playing I would make cinnamon rolls to have with/for breakfast.

(Side note: My children have always had two stockings. One for their bed where Santa places any toys etc, and the other one is a smaller one that is hung in the living room or placed under the tree. The stocking under the tree has a small box of cereal, a tetra juice or milk and some fun candies. The cereal and the juice/milk take care of Christmas breakfast.)

It was so lovely to have fresh cinnamon rolls. The smell of cinnamon has ever since been associated with Christmas.

We moved back to Australia in 1999. As Christmas got closer the children were all excited and said "YAY!!! That means SNOW!!!" Ohhhhh dear. Christmas time is SUMMER TIME here in Australia and snow at Christmas time is like saying "it will be a cold day in hell".

To try and keep things as normal as possible for them at Christmas time, even tho it was over 100 degree F temperatures and no air conditioning, I started cooking our breakfast cinnamon rolls while the children discovered what Santa had brought everyone.

Needless to say it was the LAST time I made cinnamon rolls for Christmas. Whew it was HOT.

My daughter was visiting with us on her break from uni this past month. She said to me last week "You know what I'd really like? Cinnamon rolls!"

With it being WINTER (July) I agreed to make some for her. Todays batch of rolls will make the second time in the past seven days that I've made them for my family. My husband picked up the baking dish this morning and said "It would be nice if this was full of yummy stuff this evening". DONE.


Elaine said...

Ok...so where is the recipe>?

You can' tempt us then not share...

Toni said...

what fun memories you are making with you family. I was just thinking how much I love my aunts cinnimon rolls while we were visiting her. Well, we didn't get the rolls (it was 100 degrees), but my aunt did send me home with some of her awesome mix that she sales and I get to make them myself (should I waite until it is not so hot here)?

paperhoon said...

Ohhhh 100 degree heat...Whew..Unless you have air conditioning I'd hold off so that the whole 'event' of preparing, cooking, eating, can be enjoyed without having to SWEAT. :o)