July 30, 2008


Last night I got to hold an angel.

I have never seen such a teeny tiny nose. Her hair was thick and black. She looked just like her mother with a chin that was undeniably like her dad.

My sisters and I shared this time with our niece (the mother) and her husband. Holding and loving this precious little one.

Her birth certificate says that she came into the world on Tuesday July 29th around 3 pm. Her death certificate says the same thing.

My dear niece was due to give birth on Monday July 28th. When she went in for a check up she was told the baby had died. She had been to the doctor on the Friday and all was well. Little M. Rose was delivered by cesarean on Tuesday surrounded by much love.

There is beauty and happiness through all this sadness. One of the beautiful things is the understanding that babies/children are perfect and pure. When you look at a precious little one you can't help but know that. But there is scripture to back it up. Moroni 8

Another beautiful thing comes from the blessings of being bound (sealed) as a family forever. We read in the scriptures about this also in Matthew 16:19 and again in Matthew 18:18.

Those who have the correct authority (Hebrews 5:4) on earth today, meaning, those who have been given the 'keys' to 'bind on earth' can seal families for eternity.

What a kind and loving Heavenly Father who blesses us in so many ways that even through our sorrow we can find peace, and joy. There are 'tender mercies' all around us (1 Nephi 1:20) if we just take the time to notice them.

Joseph and Emma Smith felt the pains of losing a baby. Kenneth Cope wrote a song about it called "Tiny Hands"

So last night I held an angel and the next time that I see this little angel, she will be smiling and the tears we shed will be tears of GREAT JOY!


Stacy G. Anderson said...


This is so beautiful and touching! My prayers are with your family at this time.


Kevan said...


I just wanted to share this thought with you. It is something a friend gave me when I was grieving the lose of my brother.

Shared joy is double joy!
Shared sorrow is half sorrow!

Hopefully you have found that in posting your blog.


Tracy Winegar said...

Very touching. My family experienced a similar tragedy with my oldest nephew, who died the day he was born.
It as such a shock. I hope the family is doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

paperhoon said...

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and comments.